Richard Parnell

Licensee Salesperson

Research shows that the majority of the general public don’t bother to really read their agents profile so thank you for taking the time to read my one. It is important to me as this is another opportunity to promote my services.

At an early age, I developed a passion for Real Estate. At the age of 15 I designed a hexagonal pub in technical drawing during free time. Being the 1970’s it was a reflection of the trend of architecture at the time. Coming from a working-class background I never thought of pursuing a career in architecture but the idea never went away and in 2000 I designed and built a brand new 230 m2 home of my own design. That’s when I realised I was in love with my job. I get to talk about my favourite subject with someone new every day. Sure, I have other interests but nothing holds a candle to Real Estate.

My life has been shaped by family, the army and my career. My parents gifted me a strong moral compass. Being approachable and friendly.  Discretion when required with empathy when warranted. To know what to say and when to say it. I’ve had over 30 years in sales of which over 12 years has been dedicated to Real Estate. This has help me to hone my craft to become a strong negotiator with a high level of expertise in the industry. I have been told many times I have the perfect aptitude to be a great Real Estate Agent.

What makes a good Real Estate Agent is their ability to list and sell property. What makes a great Real Estate Agent is the ability to add value to every sale. Patient when required but a strong sense of urgency when needed. The ability to read the market place and offer the most effective marketing strategy that is appropriate to and focused on the vendors needs and not the needs of the agent.

When choosing an agent, it is important to remember that they represent who you are and it is a working relationship that you have the right to feel comfortable with. Someone who will make it about you and not them.  

If you have read this far I thank you for the interest and look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you in the future